Online Writer's Circle - Week #5 piece

June 20, 2016

It's the best part of Summer time; Pool Time!

After afternoon naps have ended we jump into our swimsuits and lather on layers of sunscreen. Padded footsteps make our way out the old screen door which slams behind us with a loud bang! Towels in hand we enter the gated pool area with anticipation of the first splash. Luckily the water is warm, not that the kids care, warm and yet refreshing because the air is hot and thick. It doesn't take long before the kids enter the clear blue waters, one jumping and one walking down the steps.

I watch them the giant smiles on their faces and the laughter escaping from their mouths. We toss around a ball back and forth to one another. We float on the noodles and ride them like sea horses from one end to the other in the silliest of races. We all pile onto the inflatable boat and lazily float around soaking up the sun and the sweet memories. I watch them learn to swim and my heart bursts with pride, my little fishies.

They never seem to tire and it's always a battle royal to get them out and dried off. Back through the loud screen door, wearing towels like hooded capes. We wonder into the showers to rinse off the scent of chlorine and sunscreen from our skin, hair and suits. Freshly dressed everyone gets a freezie and relaxes in a chair. Maybe they were more tried than they thought.


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