Online Writer's Circle - Week #4 piece

June 13, 2016

I carried my bag of treasures home proudly. It was amazing what you could get at a yard sale. Today's find was a zip lock bag full of jewelry for the fantastic price of $1.75! And not those puny snack bags like mummy packed in my lunch - this was one if those freezer bag she puts the chicken in! $1.75 for the whole lot!
I was eager to get home and dump it out on my bed. There was a long pearl necklace I could wear at tea parties, that much I knew. And a shiney purple broach that had caught my eye. But what else was inside?!
I ran up the driveway and opened the door to our house. Taking the stairs two at a time, I climbed to the top floor and shut the door to my bedroom behind me. Ripping open the bag, I dumped my spoils on my hello kitty bedspread.
I was right, a long strand of pearls. The purple broach. A silver chain. Blue earrings. A shorter strand of pearls. And a thin gold chain with a locket! How cool! I've always wanted one! I brushed my thumb over the design and carefully opened the two oval pieces. A thin folded piece of paper fell out. Carefully I unfolded it and read the note: "I have been waiting a long time for you Jessica"
How did it know my name?!


*please feel free to share yours!

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