Online Writer's Circle - Week #3 Piece

June 5, 2016

I looked over the names on the list again. Seriously? All these people? Where were we going to put them all? After twenty years of friendship, I didn't even know some of Cara's cousins and second cousins even existed. And why on God's green earth did her mom feel the need to invite every single friend she ever had... Beverly's friends, not even Cara's! How well could she even know them?
All these interlopers plus the pack of cousins, plus our group of friends brought the total up to forty-five people! No wait, Cara and I.. forty-seven!
I could feel my anxiety begin to prickle. What would I feed all these people? I think I need to rent a hall. My thoughts of panic were interrupted by the notification chime of my phone. An email...from Beverly. The addresses of Cara's grandma, great grandma and step-grandma. Plus five aunts! I added them to the list. That's eight more people... fifty-six?! GULP!
I needed a drink. And to put my planning cap on. This was going to be my biggest bridal shower I'd ever planned. With so many people, something was bound to go wrong!


**please feel free to paste yours in the comments!**

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