Online Writer's Circle - Week #2 Piece

May 29, 2016

Reluctantly, he handed over the key and sighed. He watched as the other man examined it. "There, that wasn't so hard, was it?" He asked, turning the ancient key over in his hand.
Thomas shrugged, trying to hide the turmoil within. "May I have it back now please sir. I can not lose it."
He closed a big fist around it. "No. Now I want you to show me what it opens."
Thomas' stomach dropped. This had been his fear all along. Sir William was not to be trusted and Thomas knew that. But he also knew as a servant, he had no rights to refuse. "This way."
He grabbed a torch off the wall and began walking down the dark corridor. There had to be some way to get the key back without harming the knight. And without being caught. His master had trusted this key, this responsibility unto him. He could not let him, and the kingdom down, but he wanted to keep his own life as well.
"How much further?" Sir William asked impatiently. A loud roaring grumble answered the question.
"Not far." Thomas said when his breath returned. He'd never been this far without the King. He only held the key to the dungeon to keep it safe. The roaring became louder.
With a shakey hand Thomas held out the torch to reveal the scaley face of the beast. Yellow eyes glared back at them, the eyes of the last dragon.


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