Young Creativity Melts My Heart

May 26, 2016

I just wanted to share with all of you something so beautiful and so excellent, it makes my heart burst. One of my friends, Katie, who happens to be in my mom group Online Writer's Circle. She just posted this on Facebook and I got her permission to share.


Summertime series, take 1.

Our schedule is fly by the seat of our pants some days, hauling the babes between households, weird work days, and struggling to get basic food, chores and bedtime routines done. That's okay, some days are gonna look like that.

But on other days, we have all this sweet, soft, summer down time. We love these days. Pajama days, hour long lunch on the floor days. Movie afternoon days. Sia and Beyonce music days.

So I get to fill these gaps in our lazy days with creativity, and this is one of them, and credit goes to Janel Tutak for the idea as it came to me.

15 mins on the timer, each little babe has their own notebook with an identical sentance as their starting point. They hole up in separate rooms and write til the timer buzzes. Then they share. And they are so proud of their creations. And they love reading what they made, and hearing how different their stories turned out to be. And I'm clucking like a mama hen. Emery can't write yet, so he penciled in about 35 faces, complete with eyelashes and irises. And we all oohed and ahhed over each other. If that isn't nice, I don't know what is.


How wonderful is that to read about young minds having fun with writing! It makes me remember the joys I had writing as a child, makes me think about how great it will be when my kids are old enough to do the same. Every time I think of this little family writer's circle my heart is so happy. I hope you all are enjoying the activities as much as me (and they are).



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