Day 29 POEM: A Star Dies With Age

May 21, 2016


A Star Dies With Age, March 24, 2005


Woken dreams upon the breath
Of the childhood innocence
Dust collected on the toys of the past
Weeds grew over the childhood smile
No laughter is heard
The monsters have eaten the life
Moving up from under beds and closets
Attacking the fragile mind
It is too dark and children are scared
Teddy bears are hugged close
Until the monsters claim them too,
To collect the dust, of the non fairy kind
To grow up is to forget
About wishing upon a star




Childhood is an amazing thing. The imagination, the innocence. Yesterday I went for a walk with my husband, parents*, kids and our dogs. My son stood forever at the edge of the creek tossing stone after stone in, and would have stayed all day had we let him. My daughter ran up ahead, leading the way with laughter and canine companions. I saw the wonderment over every leaf, dandelion, tree stump, rock and stick. Their smiles are the most precious thing to me. I wish I could bottle these moments and keep them forever like Dumbledore does with the pensieve. It's a scary thought to think some day, something with happen to steal their innocence. I know we all must grow up but the day we stop believing in fairies and magic is bittersweet. So until then we will go on all the adventures and soak up their laughter and joy until a different kind of laughter and joy is found. 


*for those wondering or confused, yes I am estranged from my father. When I say parents I mean my mum and dad, she divorced that sonofabitch...remarried and he is awesome.

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