Day 28 POEM: Uncovered

May 20, 2016

Uncovered, Spring 2004


i wish i looked like Her
instead of looking like me
for i've always wanted to know
what perfection's like to be
my waist isn't thin enough
my face is just too round
i'm obviously not tall enough
i'm closer to the ground
my skin is just too pale
my hair brown, not gold
my breasts aren't perfect either
at least that's what i'm told
my stomach isn't flat enough
my legs are not as long
i can't play an instrument,
do the splits or sing a song
i don't have a perfect smile
-my teeth aren't pearly white
my nails are crooked and chewed
-they won't grow just right
you'll never see me in a magazine
or on a tv show
i'll never appear in a pageant
my name, you'll never know
you may hear image isn't everything
i wish that statement was true
but the media proves it wrong
with everything they do
i wish i looked like Her
instead of looking like me
but i'll never know
what perfection's like to be.




This poem was written for a grade 12 English project I had. I think it was on media impact on society? But I don't really remember the exact subject. But that's not important. The poem was written about how I felt. High school wasn't one of those golden times, like some people seem to remember. (I honestly think the only people who feel that way were popular, but that's just a theory.) We are taught appearance doesn't matter and it's what's on the inside that counts, but that is contradicted but what is portrayed. I would like to think it's getting better, Barbie now comes in other shapes and sizes. But sadly, I'm not sure it every will.

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