Day 27 POEM: Lying To Myself

May 19, 2016

Lying To Myself, October 29, 2004


I keep saying I don’t care
I keep trying to forget
But it’s going to take time,
And I’m just not there yet

Some days I think I’m good
And I think don’t need you
But I keep lying to myself
And the statement isn’t true

But one day I will wake up
I will get through with out a tear
In the meantime I lie to myself
And pretend that day is here




It's raining outside today. It's bringing me down, not that my mood needs the help. Up and down it goes like a yo-yo, I am on the string. I wish I was better at lying about what's wrong, or pretending it's not. Although the problems of my 18 year old self and my 29 year old self are obviously different. I just need some sleep.

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