Day 26 POEM: Behind The Heart

May 18, 2016

Behind The Heart, January 9, 2005


No healing for her scar
She doesn’t even remember the story
It’s just a mark on her body
To represent the past
Of which she can’t change
Or remember
Because it’s easier
If she were to touch it
She’d know why it’s there
She’s know where it came from
And I remember
It’s from him
He fell into her heart
And left a mark
Then she picked it apart
Till it bled
Even after he left
She picked away
And now there is a scar
I saw it all happen
I felt it too
But I don’t want to remember





Sometimes old wounds never heal, they scar and remain with us forever. We might see them from time to time and try to remember where they came from. Or sometimes we know exactly where they came from but chose to forget. And sometimes the scars are the only memento we have left to remind us, to prove it happened. Sometimes these scars are on the surface of our skin for anyone to see. And sometimes they are buried within, in our mind, in our heart. That is what this poem is about. Those scars.

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