Day 25 POEM: She Wears a Scarf

May 17, 2016

She Wears a Scarf, November 20, 2004


She wears a scarf,
Though she sits inside
In front of me on my couch
Her sweater is white
To match her skin
Soft and the colour of milk
She also wears a smile
Showing me her teeth
In between pouts
The lips try to remain closed
Silence wraps around her
Like the scarf around her neck
But I can see in her eyes
That she wants to talk
Those big, beautiful eyes
Bright blue and blurry
She holds back
With hands folded in her lap
Chipped nail polish
Why does she cry alone?
I watch her carefully
As she tries to remain calm
But is not succeeding
Tears begin to trickle
But still her mouth
Remains pressed tight
She won’t share
I am in a daze
And for a moment just watch
She wants to be alone,
But it is just an act
She wants me to comfort her
But I cannot
She is frustrated with herself
And stands up as if to leave
But before she goes
She wraps the scarf around her neck
One more time





Have you ever been dealing with something you just felt like you couldn't talk about? You try to get past it but it begins to consume you. Your tears find you in the oddest places and you want to say something to someone, to anyone, but it's just too hard. You are choked by the words of pain... like a scarf around your neck.




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