Day 8 POEM: Love Letter

April 30, 2016

Love Letter, March 27, 2005


a simple letter,
filled with words
of love and passion
the phrases,
symbols of endearment
spill onto the pages.
it is impossible to put down,
hard to resist the happiness.
page after page
is romance at it’s best.
delicious emotions create a kiss
for the eyes of the reader.





Something simple today. I've been feeling very in love lately. I mean, of course, I always love my husband. I'm talking of love of everything. My kids. My family. My life. The weather. My house. I am very thankful. I came across this poem and it just spoke to me. No real deep explanation today. Although, I do remember at this time, I was enjoying the idea of the title of a poem being the subject matter without coming out and saying it in the actual poem. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!



P.S. Don't forget, even though today is the last day of April, National Poetry Month, I had a late start, so you will still get 22 more posts for this 30 Days of Poetry pledge! 

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