Day 3 POEM: He Doesn't Know

April 25, 2016

He Doesn't Know, circa October 2004


Her eyes are blue

Like a cloudy sky

They’re shedding tears

Over a guy


And he’s at home and doesn’t know

How much she loves him so


Her lips are red

Like a bloody heart

They quiver and shake

Cause she’s falling apart


And he’s at home and doesn’t know

That she’s feeling so low


Her skin is pale

Like a milky glass

It’s losing colour

And it’s going fast


And he’s at home and doesn’t know

How much she depends on him to grow


Her voice is weak

And so are her knees

She wants him to love her,

She’s begging him please


But his mind is confused and doesn’t know

Even though he used to love her so




This is a poem I found on one of my old sites I had as a teenager. It was specifically for my poetry. The date is was posted there was October 2004 but I can't be absolutely be sure it wasn't something I had already written and then posted. I would have been almost 18 years old at that time, if it was written then. I can't actually remember writing this one or whom it is about. But it's teenage heartbreak one of the best reasons to write a poem?

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