Day 2 POEM: No Better Friend

April 24, 2016


No Better Friend, October 11, 2006


There’s no better friend than a sister

For she’s there when you need her for sure

She’s not going to talk behind your back

You know what you tell her is secure


There’s no better friend than a sister

With her your closet doubles in size

You can swap and trade wardrobes

Though asking first is always wise.


There’s no better friend than a sister

Instant messaging the things you think

She’s always on the same page as you

Because you share that special link


There’s no better friend than a sister

She understanding and empathetic too

Chances are she’s the one to talk to

Because she went through with you


There’s no better friend than a sister

A relationship that will never end

Through thick and thin, she’ll be there

Because she’s your very best friend


There’s no better friend than my sister

We’re the oddest pair might I say

But that’s just the way we are

And I wouldn’t have it any other way




This poem was written for my sister as a 16th birthday present.

 For those who have read Honey, I'm Home and seen the dedication, you know that my sister has always been one of my strongest supporters. And I am lucky enough to say this is still the case. She is still encouraging me to write and actually was the one who gave me the idea for the 30 day poetry posts. Right now she is writing her own blog. Everyday, 5 days a week she is sharing a part of a story she is currently writing just for fun. (Check it out here:!blog/vrbdd) The thought of sharing posts regularly with purpose made me think I wanted to do that as well. I was also hoping it would help me get back into writing more. So as I was going over my poems and trying to select which I would share next, this one seemed perfect. Yesterday, my daughter had her first dance recital, and my anxiety was in full force. I hadn't slept enough the night before, which never helps things in that respect. So we got there and I dropped her off with her class to await the rest of my family's arrival to pass out the tickets. The emotions mixed with anxiety was become too much and I could feel a panic attack coming on. When my mum and sister arrived I burst out into tears. While we were all seated, eagerly waiting for the performance, my sister grabbed my hands and started rubbing it to distract and soothe me. I can not tell you how many times she has been there to talk me down, help me or just to listen. There still is no better friend than my sister. I am so lucky to have her.

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