Life Would Be A Dream

April 17, 2016

Nap time! In other words free time. Although usually I myself partake in the napping. I am actually laying in our king size bed with my daughter beside me. Listening to her breathing on repeat. Remembering the sound and the bliss. Hard to believe Summer is almost upon is and after that she starts school. Junior Kindergarten. I swallow the heartburn threatening to erupt over this thought. My little baby only not so little. "Just call me big girl" she loves to remind me. She's not my baby anymore. I try to explain she will always be but she's too independent and head strong to listen. May God have mercy on her teachers. Teachers. Dear God, how has time passed so quickly that she will be going to school. And all day, five days a week? It seems crazy. She is still little. I will miss having her around all day. I know it will be good for her. She will have a blast.

I am looking forward to the time it will give my son and I to spend time, just the two of us. Soon she will out grow the napping with mummy and he will snuggle in. Too big for the crib. To quote Roberta "No matter what I do they just keep getting bigger!" (10 points if you get that reference).

And as this time is passing, I haven't written. Henry will be two soon. And I last wrote pregnant. Horrible. I need to do it more. Take the time. I will. I must.

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